Manuel Caffè | Prodotti


Blend is the most important factor for an optimum coffee, whether espresso or percolated. Traditional, innovative, sweet, intense, organic - to be savoured at the bar or even at home.


More than a drink, a way of life. Manuel Caffè teas encapsulate the fragrance and essence of herbs and fruits from all over the world. For a truly relaxing moment.


A sweet delight that is a definite must. Manuel chocolate is delightful company on winter afternoons. Simply choose one of the many flavours available.


Anything that accompanies a Manuel coffee must be of the same high quality. Even the sugar to the biscuits. Our food range respects and enhances the quality of our blends.


Everything you need for the best display, service and preparation of our products. Clear communication tools and merchandising with big appeal.


Sophisticated and elegant. Filled with single blends or teamed with a coordinated moka coffee pot, Manuel Caffè gift packs contain careful selections of the best of our range. Our favourite gifts.