There might not be a coffee-based equivalent of the phrase “carpe diem”, but if you want your drink to be delicious you need to seize the day and make the most of fleeting moments. It only takes a second for a grinding problem, a temperature issue or simply a wrong decision to stop you from enjoying your beverage.

The role of the Sapere Coffee Academy is to do everything possible to stop this from happening, by introducing both people from the trade and simple enthusiasts to the art of exceptionally made coffee.



All of the courses at the @saperecoffeeacademy offer participants the chance to earn certificates from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA): an internationally recognized organization that establishes guidelines and professional standards in the coffee world. The training schemes cover the Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels in the Coffee Skills Program (CSP) and the following modules are available: Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Barista Skills and Brewing. If you successfully complete the courses and pass the exams, you’ll be awarded points. When you reach 100 points, you can apply for an internationally recognized SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

The members of the teaching team are Mauro De Giusti (the owner of Manuel Caffè) and Andrea Sguazzin (the director of the @saperecoffeeacademy).



Coffee has been part of Mauro De Giusti’s life since he was very young and the aromas from the family business’s bags of beans helped him to build up his experience in the field. Over the years, he’s kept up with all of the developments in the industry and he’s passed the SCA Professional level exams for the Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting modules. He’s worked in all of the departments of the company and he’s now the head of sales for the Italian and international markets, as well as the joint head of quality control alongside Andrea. It goes without saying that he knows everything there is to know about the trade: from sales to management, not to mention relationships with suppliers and customers.

His sensitive approach means he is a watchful observer, so he finds the everyday challenges presented by consumer needs to be just as stimulating as his products.


Mauro De Giusti has great interpersonal capabilities. His human relations skills are his key distinguishing feature and they play an important part in selling coffee. He’s an innovator and it’s no surprise to hear him say “it all still needs to be done!” when he’s talking about the world of coffee. Lively and vibrant, he’s always happy to interact with others and is constantly striving to enhance things and to improve himself and the work of his customers, teaching something that you can only pass on if you have it inside you: irrepressible passion. In addition to teaching people, he shares his ability to look at the roasting scene from a fresh perspective.

Andrea Sguazzin might be different, but he has the same aim. He’s a Q Grader and Authorized SCA Trainer who’s been a global Manuel Caffè Brand Ambassador for five years now.

Andrea joined the Manuel Caffè family after building up 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, where he worked in coffee shop start-ups, consulting, training and quality control.

Andrea is now the director of the Sapere Coffee Academy, a branch of Manuel Caffè where he provides all-embracing training in the world of coffee. In the main company, he’s responsible for the Specialty Coffee department and quality control for our raw material: green coffee beans.



Andrea is a real Coffee Lover and a dedicated teacher. He loves coffee beans and the development process that they follow, from roasting to tasting. After all of these years, he continues to find it moving when his students grow professionally and turn their knowledge into know-how. Reliable, meticulous and highly professional by nature, he loves learning and keeping track of our constantly changing industry.



The teachers from the Sapere Coffee Academy are two different men with two different teaching methods and one area of expertise: making coffee. And doing it well.

The Sapere Coffee Academy is in Conegliano

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