Emanuela was very young when she first set foot in the premises of the family business. She gazed at it all in wonder, as only a dreaming child can.

The difference in her case is that she continued to look at everything in the same way in the following years, as she learned techniques, got to know the raw materials, and honed her interpersonal skills. She learned all of the “tricks” of a trade that brings happiness into countless people’s lives.


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Emanuela loves working with people. Nimbly moving from one thing to the next, she draws on her vast expertise in the field as she forges fresh ties and manages her existing contacts, because she feels that relationships give real meaning to what she does.

“I wouldn’t give up the experience of connecting with clients during appointments for anything in the world: I go into their premises, hand over the coffee, check their machines, make sure everything’s OK and ask if they need anything and they’re satisfied. I like to look after our clients and keep a close eye on the market and the world outside rather than staying in an office all day. What’s more, after 40 years we’re all friends: we talk about life, everything that’s happening and also their children, who I met when they were little and I’ve watched grow. Since I started, I’ve worked with three different generations.”

Emanuela is a woman with a big heart.

She drives the van and it’s fair to say she’s on the front line. Driven and enthusiastic, she’s a real firecracker who knows how to motivate her team. As one would expect from a head of a family, she also takes charge of structural and operating processes within the company: she is responsible for Buying and Logistics Management.


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She combines innate intuitiveness with exceptional practicality and pragmatism, which make her a guiding light for her team. She can quickly grasp any situation and never fails to come up with the ideal solution.

Always ready to put herself on the line, she faces the peak production times each year with an analytical, critical spirit and strives to find openings for growth in even the most complex circumstances.


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Bearing all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that the company shares her name.

Even a 72-hour day wouldn’t be long enough for Emanuela, but she never lets things get on top of her. She loves her job, and as long as things keep running smoothly, she’ll always be happy.


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