Equo Organic coffee is ideal for those who want a more sustainable product.

It stems from the philosophy of Manuel Caffè, a company that embraces a superior coffee culture thanks in part to Mauro De Giusti’s personal efforts on this front.

Courses, training, trips to plantations, cooperation, and the search for blends that meet quality requirements while combating social injustice are all part of Manuel Caffè’s respectful approach to the environment, the producers from Fairtrade-certified agricultural cooperatives, and the quality of materials, which must be of the very highest order.



Equo Organic coffee by Manuel Caffè is made using select beans from organic agriculture and it is 100% certified Fairtrade. The distinguishing features of the coffee are total respect for the environment, promotion of fair trade and meticulous selection of crops. Manuel Caffè Equo Organic coffee is the jewel in the crown of the Treviso-based company, which has always taken a sustainability-oriented approach to its products. It has been awarded 100% Organic and Fairtrade certification, which has been the best known international ethical labelling system in the world since 2002.

This ensures that the coffee is grown and marketed with total respect for the rights of local producers, in order to guarantee fair prices and a profit margin that provides the scope for development projects for local communities. The production methods limit the use of land and water resources in order to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable development model that comprehensively protects the health of ecosystems and people.

Equo Organic is an 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta blend with authentic Italian flavour. It is made with three types of select single-origin organic beans from Honduras, Indonesia and Colombia. No artificial chemicals are used in the production process.

The blend is created to convey its strong identity from the very first sip. Its character comes across in the aroma of chocolate mixed with nuts and the leisurely aftertaste of dark chocolate and almonds. The flavour is full-bodied and superior espresso is guaranteed.



Both beans and ground coffee are available, in 250 g jars and in 1 kg tins for the hospitality industry.


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