Present /prɛz(ə)nt/ noun

Something that you are given, without asking for it, on a special occasion, especially to show friendship, or to say thank you.

The dictionary definition sums it up nicely. Giving gifts is something that we’ve loved to do ever since the earliest days of human history. It has been the focus of in-depth anthropological studies and it can feel like you’re handing over part of yourself when you add a personal touch. As well as making you feel good, it’s a demonstration of affection, esteem, love and friendship.

The closer the bond you have with the recipient, the more meticulously selected the present will be.

It’s at this very time of year that people start looking into the most popular gift ideas and seeking inspiration, so Manuel Caffè has put together a mouth-watering, irresistible selection.

Manuel Caffè has combined its superior creations with outstanding traditional Italian cakes and confectionery, to offer sublimely satisfying delights for the senses.

Introducing our Babas, with their unmistakable mushroom shapes. These soft, syrupy cakes are truly exquisite!




Next, we have pralines that Maître Chocolatier Mencarelli created for us with his refined touch and his genius touch by giving a fresh twist to a classic. Then there are light, crumbly meringues: another classic that has been given a fresh burst of life by coffee and that takes us back to a fantastic world.




Meanwhile, Ghiottolo is a cake reminiscent of a panettone. Containing chocolate chips and a delicious coffee cream filling, it’s a real pleasure for the palate!

Manuel Caffè_Ghiottolo

We can also offer you gifts in bottles: SAMtime coffee sambuca is a mellow treat for the taste buds that combines subtle hints of star anise and elderflower extract with a prominent coffee flavour. It’s great on every occasion and outstanding at Christmas!

Finally, we have a comprehensive range of Manuel Caffè hampers and gift packs. A sweet treat always makes the perfect present!


Manuel Caffè _Velluto


Manuel Caffè_Tè delle meraviglie


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