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Today I’ve got a recipe for you that everyone will love. It’s perfect for #teamsavoury and will go down just as well with #teamsweet.

Fried custard is a traditional speciality that’s served in a number of different parts of Italy as an appetizer, a side dish or a dessert. In Bologna and the Marche region, it normally comes on a platter alongside fried meat, vegetables and olive ascolane. In Venice on the other hand, they’ll bring it to you as a dessert at the end of your meal!

The recipe’s really easy and quick to prepare, with just a few steps. Once the mixture is ready, you leave it to cool, then coat it with breadcrumbs and fry it. I added a fun twist by replacing the vanilla pod that you normally find in the recipe with the new Manuel coffee-flavoured sambuca, which gave it incredible aromatic qualities.



SAMtime coffee-flavoured sambuca by Manuel is a young, fresh and fashionable liqueur that’s perfect for drinking on every occasion. Its versatility means that it’s also great for adding a special touch to culinary creations.

Crema Fritta@Bozza.di.colore


In this case, the new take on the classic recipe is bound to be a big hit.

Take my word for it: make plenty of it because once you serve it, it’ll literally go like hot cakes.

Enjoy your meal!


(created by Federica Bottini | @bozza.di.colore)


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