I was wandering around and taking a pleasant stroll through the picturesque streets of Conegliano’s old town centre when I spotted a sign at 6 Via Giacomo Marcatelli that I’d never seen before: Coffee Living.

I remember being struck by just how many people were popping in and out with boxes of all shapes and sizes when I went past at Christmas time, but now something had changed. What was once a welcoming space full of sparkling lights is being transformed into a “comfort zone” where you can savour the pleasures of the palate!


Coffee Living Conegliano




I looked into it and found out that @coffee_living.conegliano is somewhere you can find a comfortable place to sit, make yourself at home and have a nice chat over a delightful drink and a tasty bite to eat. It’s a spot that’s just waiting to be experienced.






Everything revolves around coffee, which is at the heart of the experience. Manuel Caffè’s highly accomplished research and roasting are behind the selection of single-origin coffees and superior blends. Whether you’re drinking espresso or filter coffee, the utmost care is taken in every single stage of the process that leads from the beans to the ground coffee, via the tasting procedure.






Complementing the coffee are mouth-watering Italian delights to tickle your taste buds as you spend some magical time with others. They range from sweet pastries at breakfast time to light lunches with “gourmet” menus that combine traditions and creativity, and classic, fashionable aperitifs in all of their forms. Whatever you choose, you can count on fresh, wholesome quality.

You can also do a little shopping. Coffee obviously takes centre stage and you can take home a variety of blends, 100% Arabica or single-origin coffee to suit all tastes, either in beans or ground. You can also take your pick from Manuel Caffè’s signature selection of tea, herbal tea and drinking chocolate.

It’s a great place to experience the wonders of delicious coffee and good food, either inside or in the stylish outdoor seating area. I’m really looking forward to checking it out and I won’t have to wait for long because it’s due to open on 22 February, right in the middle of carnival season. The opening event will be for special guests only due to the current circumstances, but there’ll be plenty of opportunities to take a look at the new Coffee Living Conegliano in the following days.

Step inside and take a refreshing break from the carnival capers!

Open from Tuesday until Sunday, from 7.00 am until 1.00 pm

Coffee Living Conegliano – Via Giacomo Marcatelli, 6 – 31015 Conegliano – TV – Italy


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