It’s happened again: it seems like it was summer only yesterday and now Christmas is just around the corner!

The more organized among you might have planned and maybe even done your Christmas shopping already, but we’re sure that the vast majority of you are still wondering what to buy.

At Coffee Living they can offer you a whole host of options, but the first thing they’ll do is make you a coffee.


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“Slow living” is the watchword at @coffee_living.conegliano. Take a little time for yourself among the warm tones of this relaxing spot in Conegliano’s old town centre, which gives a fresh twist to traditions.

As you unwind and enjoy your coffee, the staff will help you to pick out the perfect presents for all your friends and family, near and far.

The whole place has really got into the spirit of the season, with sparkling lights shining on all kinds of products. There are festive figures showcasing all sorts of choices and the towering tree is teeming with gift ideas.

You can just make yourself comfortable and let the staff show you what’s available. It’s only natural to start with coffee. The range includes 100% arabica, superior single-origin coffee and limited-edition blends in beans, ground or in capsules. Then there’s the sambuca: SamTime by Manuel Caffè fuses the finest arabica coffee with mild, mellow notes of star anise and elderflower extract. It’s ideal after dinner and on all social occasions.


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It goes without saying that accessories are available to complement your coffee gifts, including espresso cups and moka pots in a variety of colours that’ll leave you spoilt for choice.

A world of wonders awaits tea lovers. As well as matching sets, there are plain and flavoured leaves, organic infusions and herbal teas to suit all tastes.


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Another big winter favourite – especially at Christmas time – is hot chocolate: steaming hot and velvety smooth, either regular or masterfully flavoured with coconut, hazelnut, or orange & cinnamon, and irresistibly appealing in specially designed cups. It’s the ideal gift for a friend with a sweet tooth.


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This magical corner wouldn’t be complete without sweet treats and pastries: from biscuits with soft coffee centres that are baked in a wood oven and will win your heart from the first bite, to fragrant meringues and soft, mouth-watering babas that you can give to your loved ones on their own or as part of a selection. Make sure you also try the pralines. They were created by Maître Chocolatier Paolo Mencarelli, who presents a fresh take on chocolate and brings bursting forth the goodness in cocoa beans, not to mention all of us!


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Meanwhile, Ghiottolo is a classic, outstanding example of a festive, fluffy traditional Italian cake, containing chocolate chips and a delicious coffee cream filling. Cut yourself a nice big slice to have with a glass of De Giusti Fior d’Arancio Colli Euganei DOCG for a great Yuletide toast!

Speaking of wine, Coffee Living also has a selection of De Giusti Prosecco: sparkling wine with an innovative spirit that stays true to the local area and the history of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Featuring vivid hues, a pronounced aromatic profile and refined fragrances, it makes a wonderful gift and is also great for serving to guests in De Giusti glasses. There’s nothing better at meal times!

You’ll find lots of outstanding ready-prepared gift packs but you can also have your own selection put together however you like and top it off with stylish bows to really add a festive feel.



Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the Christmas present selection, let’s go back to the drink at the heart of the Coffee Living experience. Manuel Caffè’s dedication to research and roasting shines through in the selection of premium blends and single-origin coffees. An equally meticulous approach is taken in the tasting and preparation, every step of the way. With both espresso and filter coffee, the secret to everything here is taking it slowly. It plays a key part in the quality and we owe it to everyone who wants to reach out and discover new aromas and sensations, including the joy of taking time for yourself.

There’s an ideal time for everything at Coffee Living, including Christmas shopping!

Coffee Living Conegliano – 6 Via Marcatelli, Conegliano, Italy

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