Very few things can compare to coffee when it comes to bringing people together. All of us coffee drinkers are like one big family.

It goes without saying that coffee’s sensory properties should not be overlooked or taken for granted, but the beverage also makes a huge impact in terms of emotions and experiences. It’s associated with a sense of well-being and feelings of comfort, warmth and relaxation.

Manuel Caffè marvellously caters to the needs of coffee lovers with every single bean, roast and blend. Its original characteristics satisfy Italian and international tastes. The key to its trademark Italian quality lies in a quest for perfection that takes energy, talent, tireless research and innovation.

No matter how big the company gets, it will always be a De Giusti family business. It keeps growing every day and taking the quality to new heights, as everyone works together in a team that all revolves around coffee.



Manuel Caffè has decided to showcase its core values by making its debut on TV with a broadcast of a one-minute corporate video during the Sky programme 4 Hotels with Bruno Barbieri.

The film opens in Piazza Cima, an enchanting historical square in Conegliano that is home to the Sapere Coffee Academy. From the very first shot, there’s a family atmosphere that encompasses everything from Manuel Caffè’s know-how to the everyday habits that are shared by all Italian and international consumers.



There’s a look at actions, choices, concentration and Manuel Caffè’s internationally renowned quality, as the company is made a standard bearer for quintessentially Italian characteristics. This all leads naturally to the end, when viewers can enjoy the warm sense of companionship that comes from our shared love of making and drinking coffee.



For the members of the latest De Giusti generation, coffee is full of childhood memories. They come in the form of tactile sensations – such as the “rough surfaces of big hessian sacks” – and smells like “the rich fragrance of roasted coffee beans, with the sound of moving machinery in the background”. Behind it all was the reassuring, powerful and welcoming presence of Giuseppe De Giusti nurturing a passion for a simple drink with the capacity to conquer the world. All of this meant that coffee quickly became a “playmate” that was involved in all sorts of enthralling experiences.

Over the years, these experiences changed and evolved. Now coffee has become the way in which the members of the new De Giusti generation present their take on taste, quality, fragrances and pleasure.



Today, Manuel Caffè epitomizes Italian flavour worldwide. Found in more than 50 countries on five different continents, it helps its partners to win customers by offering them the very best.

Manuel Caffè collections stand out thanks to their personality. Whether they’re full-bodied, sweet or beautifully balanced, they each have their own characteristics that stem from a perfectly poised combination of ingredients and astute observation of market demand.

After all, coffee by Manuel Caffè brings us together.


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