Whatever challenges Udinese Calcio and Treviso Basket face in the 2021/2022 season, they’ll have Manuel Caffè by their side.

The company is an Official Partner of the two teams, which are playing in the Serie A football and basketball leagues respectively.

The deal is part of the Conegliano-based company’s efforts to support the local area and the young stars that represent it. It underlines Manuel Caffè’s dedication to social issues and its determination to support sport in the broadest sense of the term, covering everything from professionals to amateurs, and from performance to health. Sports clubs, companies and enthusiasts can all count on its backing.


Manuel Caffè sponsor Udinese


Manuel Caffè sponsor Treviso Basket

As Manuel Caffè endeavours to showcase its qualities and leadership, Equo Organic takes centre stage.

Equo Organic is an 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta blend made with a selection of the finest Organic coffee beans grown by small cooperatives in Central and South America. It is certified organic and ethical and social values are espoused during the production processes. The Fairtrade International trademark provides proof that the company is 100% committed to production that limits the use of land and water resources, while using natural, artisanal methods in accordance with international Fairtrade standards.

The blend presents perfect sensory balance, as cocoa notes pave the way to full-bodied flavour and a distinctive vanilla aftertaste that makes its energy-boosting effects even more pleasant.

Manuel Caffè is proud for its name to be seen alongside those of local sporting organizations. “This is something that goes beyond professional considerations, because there’s genuine passion behind it,” states Cristina De Giusti. “We’ll follow all of the matches played by these young sporting stars. Supporting them has been immensely fulfilling over the years because they are dedicated and devoted, just like us.”

A great cup of coffee will be available in all of the areas of the club houses and cafés. The sponsorship deal will enable the Veneto-based company to shine the spotlight on its brand, which is a leading name in the coffee business. The brand will be seen not only on court-side and pitch-side LED advertising boards but also on the backdrops used for post-match interviews with the real stars of the show: the players.

The partnership will be promoted on social media, with regular posts about the matches played by the teams. https://www.facebook.com/ManuelCaffeItalia

Now there’s only one thing left to say: Come on Udinese! Come on Treviso Basket! Come on Manuel Caffè!


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