Run / rʌn / verb – 1. a. Go with quick steps on alternate feet, never having both or all feet on the ground at the same time. Run like the wind, like hell, at breakneck speed, headlong. Run very quickly, run after someone, chase someone.

Run, run, run. For something, for someone, for a good cause. Run in Pink and fight against breast cancer.


Manuel Caffè Corrirosa


Now taking place for the eighth time, “Corri in Rosa” (“Run in Pink”) is a name of an event that does just that. Manuel Caffè will be slipping on a pink t-shirt and joining the women running in San Vendemiano on 13 November.


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The enthusiasm in the air is palpable because everyone can finally get back together again after the restrictions of recent years. Participants can either walk or run and they can choose between a 6.5 km route and a 13 km one. The renewed scope for socializing is underlined by a packed schedule of side events.


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One of the new features is the chance to do a military fitness session led by the Hercules association. It will be adding a pink touch to its training facilities and ready to welcome any of the runners who want to take on a couple of obstacles and a quick bodyweight workout.


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Organized by ASD Trevisomarathon in partnership with Maratona di Treviso scrl, Corri in Rosa has received an incredible number of entries this year. It just goes to show how many people strive to lead healthy lifestyles and exercise on a daily basis in order to improve or keep up their physical and mental well-being. It’s an outlook that’s in keeping with the Manuel Caffè mission of promoting sport and a healthy diet.

Founded more than 40 years ago, the company is now tirelessly run by Emanuela, Mauro and Cristina De Giusti. Born and raised among coffee in the roasting plant where their father Giuseppe first went into business in the 1950s, they’ve been racing to ever greater heights since 1990 and they now produce 1.5 million kg of coffee each year, exporting it to 56 countries worldwide. Their blends are already renowned in the hospitality industry and now more and more consumers are enjoying the classic Manuel Caffè quality and aroma in their homes thanks to a handy online shop.

That same aroma will fill the air and help the participants in pink to keep on pushing all the way to the finish line. After all, it might be a fun run but the fight against breast cancer is serious business.


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