In many ways it was a morning like any other, but this one was special because it was Christmas Eve. Sugarplum Mary – who was also known as Mary Christmas – woke up to an enticing aroma that was more velvety than any fragrance of its kind that she’d ever experienced before. Torn between her sense of duty as Mrs Claus’s assistant kitchen manager and her natural inclination to seek out new taste sensations, she decided to follow her instincts. And her nose.

Comet the reindeer knew every house in the world and could always take you wherever you wanted, so she talked him into helping her out, jumped on his back and in a flash she found herself in a kitchen where the irresistible aroma of delicious coffee was emanating from a moka pot on the hob.


Manuel Caffè_Velluto


She heard footsteps approaching and hid behind a little kitchen unit so that she could watch without being spotted.

The owner of the house came in to get the coffee and she served it up with soft slices of cake filled with chocolate chips and a cream that looked so delectable that it would surely put a smile on the face of every single person who ate it.

“How wonderful it must be to have a family so fond of the pleasures of the palate,” she thought to herself. Making the most of the fact that elf time is very different from human time, she decided to stay there for a while to enjoy it all.

She stuck around to savour coffee time after lunch and managed to pop out from her hiding place while the humans weren’t looking to try one of the mouth-watering heart-shaped biscuits. It tasted like it had been baked in a wood-fired oven, just like the ones she made!

In the house, everyone was busy getting ready for Christmas. The air was filled with cheerful music and the aroma of divine culinary creations made by the mother. As the first snowflakes began to fall, the doorbell rang and a mysterious package was delivered.


Manuel Caffè_presents


It was a case with a whole host of different things inside it, from coffee and herbal tea to cakes and pralines. Mary soon saw that in the afternoon the family loved to eat babas and meringues with tea and all sorts of different types of hot chocolate!


Manuel Caffè_chocolate



Manuel Caffè_babà


It was starting to get dark and she needed to head back to Clausvillage, but Mrs Claus’s trusted assistant and sous-chef wouldn’t be going back empty handed. In the blink of an eye, she grabbed a bottle of SamTime coffee-flavoured sambuca, made with a selection of the finest arabica in the world. It would make a perfect secret ingredient for Mr Claus’s pre-present dinner.

She left a little chef’s hat in its place to thank the family and went soaring off into the sky with Comet!


Manuel Caffè_Samtime sambuca


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Manuel Caffè_customized git packs


Santa is coming!


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