Today we’re talking about eco-sustainability and a company that monitors the most remote parts of the planet in order to ensure that the quality of its raw materials remains consistently high.


Piantagione Manuel Caffè


We’re talking about Manuel Caffè and its diversified range, which caters to the needs of all consumers with its perfectly balanced blends and varying levels of flavour intensity.

We’re talking about great coffee, both ground and in beans. Above all, today we’re talking about Manuel Caffè Organic & Compostable capsules, which are compatible with all Nespresso® machines.

The first thing to note is that each capsule contains exactly the right amount of coffee required to make a great cup.

What’s more, they’re simple to use because you don’t need any special skills. It takes just a few quick steps to make a first-rate beverage.

When the capsules are ejected, they’re ready for disposal. They’re made from biodegradable materials and compostable, so you can happily throw them in your food bin.

They’ll save you a few minutes of your precious time every morning because they’re so quick to use: just pop one into the right slot and press a button.

The capsules also prevent waste because the right amount of coffee is already measured out, so there’s no need to pour it all out, which can often lead to small spillages or too much being used.

The freshness of the products is guaranteed. Once normal vacuum packs of coffee have been opened, they gradually start to lose their aromas. In contrast, our capsules are individually protected by modified atmosphere packaging so their aromas remain intact. They are unleashed into the air with each cup of coffee, making it feel like the beans have just been ground.

Furthermore, our capsules offer the same exceptional quality every time because they are made individually, with the same type and amount of coffee.

Each capsule contains a single serving, so you can choose a different kind of coffee every time, depending on how you’re feeling at that very moment.

There is a choice of four different roast profiles in the Manuel Caffè selection of Organic & Compostable capsules.

100% Arabica is packed with chocolatey notes and fruity sensations. It is ideal for real Arabica lovers.

Cremoso can be enjoyed at any time of day. Mellow but rich, it features notes of nuts and cocoa, as well as a prominent yet smooth and velvety aftertaste.

Intenso is a coffee with a strong personality that’s ideal when you need a burst of energy. Notes of spices and unsweetened cocoa prevail in its bold flavour profile.

Decaffeinato is a full-bodied decaffeinated blend that’s full of authentic coffee aromas. Arabica notes come to the fore in the beautifully balanced taste sensations.

Here are the capsules in their new packaging.

Manuel Caffè capsules


The change of image underlines the company’s determination to continue with its sustainability drive. The illustrations at the heart of the new visual approach portray simple yet spellbinding features from the natural world such as flowers, leaves and fruits, epitomizing the very essence of coffee.


Manuel Caffè bean


The new capsules will soon be available at shop.manuelcaffè.it, where you can stock up on single servings of essential everyday delights.


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