Risotto that you’ll really relish.

A starring role in the recipe for today is played by Manuel Ground Velluto Coffee. Created for people like me who are crazy about great coffee, it’s a blend that’s perfect for you to take your time to savour slowly, so that you can relish all of its strength and complexity.


Coffee risotto recipe with Velluto


From the very first sip I was drawn in by its velvety smoothness and rich flavour of unsweetened cocoa, so I couldn’t resist the idea of trying it with one of my favourite dishes: risotto!

I had a look on the internet for the best combinations and as soon as I found out about the distinctive approach taken by @ristoranteberton I was fascinated by the description of the rice starch making a perfect match for the coffee, in an original, astounding pairing.

Et voilà! This risotto has a vertical structure, so with every mouthful your taste buds will experience the delights of the different parts in order. At the bottom: caper cream and coffee concentrate. In the middle: creamy risotto. Topping it off: dried capers, caper powder and coffee powder. The finishing touch: coffee concentrate brushed on the side of the dish.


Velluto coffee risotto recipe


The cooking method for risotto really brings out the best of these extremely simple ingredients!
The result?
An unconventional recipe with a delicate, aromatic flavour that will take your guests’ breath away with its elegance and choice sophistication!
I’ve already tried it and I couldn’t resist going back for seconds. Who’d like to come over for lunch today?

Ingredients for 4 people:

320 g of Carnaroli rice
1 shallot
2 litres of vegetable broth
Extra virgin olive oil (to taste)
50 g of butter
50 g of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Grated zest of 1 lime
White wine
Caper cream: 200 g of desalted capers, 50 g of extra virgin olive oil

Caper powder:
400 g of completely desalted capers
Manuel coffee concentrate: 40 g of coffee

First, prepare the caper powder. Thoroughly rinse the capers in running water, dry them carefully with kitchen roll and lay them out on a plate.

Cook them in a microwave oven (a couple of three-minute cycles at 800W will suffice) then grind them into a powder in a food processor.

Now make the caper cream by blending the capers and oil in a food mixer until a smooth cream forms. Next, make the risotto. Finely chop the shallot, then brown it in a saucepan with a drop of extra virgin olive oil.

Add the rice and toast it for a few minutes, then add the white wine and reduce.
Slowly add the vegetable broth and cook the rice in it, then stir in the butter, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and lime zest to give it a creamy texture.

Make the Manuel coffee concentrate by reducing the coffee over a low heat until you get a thick glaze.

Brush the Manuel coffee concentrate around the edges of the dish.
Add the caper cream at the bottom of the dish and then put the creamy risotto on top of it. Top off the risotto with dry capers, the caper powder and Manuel coffee powder.

Et voilà! Enjoy it!


Risotto recipe with Velluto coffee


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