The process of making coffee is such a well-established part of life that all too often we take it for granted, along with the quality of the end product. However, a growing need is felt today for more dedication and awareness among those who produce, buy and drink coffee.

Professional skills and training have an essential part to play in all cafés today, while customers should be capable of telling if the fragrance and flavour of what they find in their cups is the best that it can be.

Professional and experience-based quality is at the heart of the Sapere Coffee Academy approach.



The aim behind the academy’s programmes is to train and inform, turning knowledge into know-how and ensuring that people can recognize and taste quality. It’s a place where everyone – both members of the trade and customers – can gain skills.

The topics covered by the courses include the secrets of coffee, its history, preparation and tasting methods, health-related matters, food safety, maintenance, keeping equipment clean, and the basics of running a coffee shop, because businesses must do all that they can to make sure customers keep coming back.



The following courses are available

  • Barista Skills,
  • Brewing,
  • Green Coffee,
  • Latte Art,
  • Sensory Skills,
  • Water for Coffee

They are run by Q Grader and Authorized SCA Trainer Andrea Sguazzin. They are all divided into Basic, Intermediate and Professional levels in accordance with the guidelines of the SCA Coffee Skills Program, which is the leading international organization when it comes to promoting superior coffee.



At the end of each course, participants are given a certificate to show which skills they have acquired.

The Sapere Coffee Academy is in the centre of Conegliano, in a charming historic building that contains the classrooms used for training and a Manuel Caffè café. It’s the perfect place to put into practice a calling for making exceptional coffee.


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